HTK Team showing core values

The following core values reflect the character and beliefs of HTK Architects and guide our staff in delivering our services and work in all phases.

Core Values

We will hold ourselves accountable to our Clients, the Community, and HTK Architects.
  • We will keep our word
  • Make informed and fair-minded decisions
  • Practice kindness and compassion toward one another
  • Give credit where credit is due
  • Engage in honest and caring communication
  • Show empathy for the challenges and opportunities ahead
We consistently implement an exceptional standard of care in planning, design, and construction services.
  • Build resilience through the challenge of discovery
  • Develop persistent curiosity
  • Influence outcomes of decisions and positive change
  • Challenge convention
  • Be fully present/committed to the experience
  • Inspire others through design and innovation
We create durable, long-lasting change to make a difference on issues important to our Clients and Community.
  • Create positive change
  • Provide innovative solutions
  • Empower the desire to do more
  • Positive influences on family
  • Remain connected at every step of the journey
  • Build strong communities through the built environment

HTK Architects, founded in 1958, remains one of the best architecture firms in the region due in large part to our clients and our culture. We have learned over many years that culture matters as it’s the “Lifeline of the Company.” It has become the foundation of our Practice. “Culture” is the beliefs, behaviors, objects, and characteristics that our People share. These values, core principles, and ideals are why our entire organization and family of staff exist.

Integrity, Intentional, and Impact and their associated meanings have become the framework and language we use as a filter for essential decisions and solutions to challenges.  Our Core Values are Integrity, Intentional, and Impact.

It benefits our People by:

  • Attracting Better Talent
  • Retaining Talent with Long-term team members
  • Company Loyalty

As a company, they serve as:

  • Identity + Recognition
  • Strong Chemistry
  • Sense of Belonging
  • Clear Beliefs + Values

The HTK family embarked on a workshop + team building day to explore our culture and define our beliefs and ideals representing our “Core Values.”  They are vital to us and explain who we are and what we are about.  HTK Architects are thrilled to share these with you, and we expect everyone to hold us accountable to our culture as these are the principles and priorities to the foundation of our Practice.

Reach out to us and experience the Integrity, Intentionality, and Impact that we bring to every client, opportunity, and challenge we take on.

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