What services does HTK provide?

HTK provides complete Architecture services including master planning, facility assessments, pre-bond planning, complete interior design services, programming, site evaluation and selection, cost estimating, ADA assessments, life/safety code analysis, life/cycle cost analysis, bid facilitation, construction/bidding documents, construction observation and inspection services.

What are HTK’s main market sectors?

Since 1958, HTK Architects has cultivated a breadth of experience designing Civic, Corporate, Healthcare, Higher Education, Judicial, K-12 Education, Military, Religious, and Sports & Recreation facilities.

Does HTK provide Construction Management Services?

HTK does not serve as the Construction Manager (CM) during a project, but welcomes the opportunity to work alongside a CM. The addition of a CM allows for the design and construction of a project to overlap, creating careful coordination during pre-construction services such as schedules, cost estimates, constructability reviews and material selections.

Who will be my main point of contact on a project?

The Project Manager (PM) serves as the main point of contact with the client on each project. The PM is responsible for directing coordination of the day-to-day activities of a project. We also assign a Principal-In-Charge (PIC), or one of the partners of the firm, as a secondary point of contact to ensure the client has multiple points of contact.

Are HTK facilities designed with sustainability in mind?

HTK buildings are designed to be environmentally sensitive and to incorporate sustainable design in as many areas of the facility as possible. We can work with each client to design energy efficient and high performing buildings. Our specifications routinely carry a section 01100 – Construction Pollution Prevention Plan. This spec section defines job site requirements for erosion control, storm water management, waste controls, spill prevention, and environmental procedures. Contractors are required to have a completed Waste Management Plan detailing the recycling and reuse of as many materials involved in the construction process as possible.

Does HTK provide Bond Support?

Absolutely. We recognize that every Bond Campaign is different and must be tailored to the unique needs of each community. We can offer recommendations regarding the various committees that should be formed, the roles each committee should play, and a proposed timeline outlining when certain milestones should be accomplished during a Bond campaign. We can also work with each committee to create promotional materials that communicate project goals and cultivate voter participation.

Does HTK offer Interior Design Services?

We have an experienced Interior Architecture and Design team that offers comprehensive services, including project management, programming, space planning, tenant finish, space evaluation, code review, millwork design, branding/graphics, materials and finish selection, furniture and fixture specification, lighting selection and design, signage and way finding, cost estimating, and aesthetic evaluation.

Is HTK using the most updated software and technology available?

HTK uses the latest technology available on all projects. HTK utilizies AutoDesk Revit ® Building Information Modeling (BIM) software for design drawings and production of construction documents. HTK also utilizes SketchUp® software, which is an excellent tool for developing 3D site/building computer models quickly. Furthermore, HTK creates a dedicated website for each project, giving the project team and the owner the ability to easily access current project information via the internet.

How does HTK determine a project fee?

HTK has an architecture fee schedule for basic services, which includes structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering, as well as standard construction administration services when based on awarding a single construction contract. When specific building types require additional services, such as Civil Engineering, Food Services, Acoustical Engineering, Data-Telecommunications, etc., those services and additional costs will be provided through HTK.

What is HTK’s role during the construction of my project?

HTK is committed to ensuring a smooth and quality construction process for each of our projects. During construction, HTK performs both office and field administration to review the progress and quality of the work being performed. As the project progresses, jobs are seen an average of twice a week. We also schedule monthly construction meetings with contractors, their major subs and the owner to review questions, problems, schedules and coordination issues.

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