Alex Mendoza, AAIA

Alex Mendoza, AAIA, a graduate with a Masters in Architecture from Kansas State University, is deeply immersed in the intersection of neuroscience and architecture. Fueled by a passion for environmental impact and inspired by the transformative influence of nature on design, Alex approaches each project with an open mind and a singular focus on enhancing the human experience.
An accomplished artist in addition to his architectural prowess, Alex’s design approach is significantly influenced by his talent. His holistic mindset fosters a constant sense of passion and curiosity, propelling him to explore innovative ideas. “Embracing the artistic aspect of my work keeps me in a constant state of discovery. I find inspiration from unexpected sources and enjoy pushing the boundaries of design,” he emphasizes.

Alex’s experience designing K-12 schools brings a unique perspective on how nature and surroundings can positively impact individuals. He underscores the importance of effective teamwork through good communication and a willingness to consider diverse perspectives.

  • A versatile artist proficient in sketching, watercolor, and graphite drawing.
  • Enjoys the therapeutic joy of running amidst natural surroundings.
  • An avid soccer enthusiast, both as a spectator and an active player.
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