Jackie Fox, AAIA

Jackie Fox, a dynamic leader at HTK Architects, has achieved remarkable milestones in just three years, ascending to the roles of Associate Architect and Project Manager. She also spearheads a mentoring program for new hires and interns, showcasing her commitment to professional development. With a Master of Architecture Degree from the University of Kansas, Jackie chose to make a lasting impact on her hometown community of Topeka. Actively involved in volunteer work, she serves as the Events & Planning Committee Chair for Forge Young Talent of Topeka, aligning local events and businesses to showcase the city’s vibrant offerings to young professionals. Jackie’s dedication to her career and community earned her the prestigious Women of Excellence award from the YWCA of Northeast Kansas. In her leisure time, she indulges her artistic passion by creating and sharing art in shows and teaching classes.

  • Met Taylor Swift in 2008 and thought her life peaked, but the journey has continued to unfold with more extraordinary moments.
  • Group fitness instructor teaching 2 classes a week at 5:15am.
  • Owns an art studio/gallery.
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