Jess Dawkins

Marketing Coordinator

Leveraging a multifaceted marketing background, Jess Dawkins has adeptly conceived and managed diverse campaigns encompassing print, broadcast, and digital media, highlighting her robust graphic design skills. Complementing her marketing proficiency, she brings expertise in web design and development, enabling the seamless integration of digital campaigns and the augmentation of HTK’s online presence. Jess adopts a holistic approach that intricately links campaigns across various channels to amplify brand awareness and foster authenticity through unified messaging. Her passion extends to both the creative and analytical dimensions of marketing, embodying a results-driven process that seamlessly merges tangible outcomes with innovative ideas, aligning seamlessly with the ethos of HTK.

  • Enjoys restoring vintage travel trailers.
  • Rearranges her living room regularly.
  • Can make chocolate chip cookies from memory.
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