Raymore-Peculiar Ninth Grade Center

The RPSD Ninth Grade Center (NGC) is designed around the concepts of circulation and connectivity. The building features traditional and forward-thinking educational design ideas that will give the school district flexibility in the future. Designed as a standalone ninth grade center, the building will function as an independent building on the project site for a decade before being joined by a future high school addition. The overall project site has been master-planned to help the district prioritize growth overall and add to the expansive site with the high school and athletic additions. The site design features a practice field for freshman athletics, a loop road to help manage student pick up and drop off with the adjacent middle school, a pump house and above ground water storage tank for site fire flow, and a main campus entry that is a roundabout along 58 highway. The main feature of the 2 story education wing is the 2 story blended learning space that creates a flexible learning environment that further extends the classroom to the corridors and provides a multi-story connection to the students and faculty that experience the space. Additional active learning spaces are located to the north of the blended learning, further increasing the seamless education space. The education wing also features teacher workroom suites that provide a home base for the faculty.

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    Peculiar, MO

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    Raymore Peculiar School District

  • Size:

    92,240 SF

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