Stormont Vail Health – Cancer Center Addition and Renovation

The Cotton O’Neil Cancer Center Addition & Renovation is where cutting-edge design meets compassionate patient care. The project design included a state-of-the-art infusion center, equipped with patient care stations and private rooms, alongside a compounding pharmacy adhering to the latest USP standards. Additionally, the infusion area and exam rooms were expanded within the existing facility, ensuring a seamless blend of innovation and comfort. At the core of this design is a commitment to research, featuring dedicated spaces for groundbreaking initiatives. The facility boasts offices, consultation rooms, and a range of support spaces for both staff and patients. The main corridor, extending northward, seamlessly links the new two-story addition with the existing structure, facilitating easy navigation for all visitors.

On the second floor, the compounding pharmacy takes center stage, while the first floor houses the new infusion center with its main entrance and drop-off area to the north. As you step inside, a welcoming waiting room awaits alongside a designated registration desk.

HTK and engineers worked closely with key staff to prioritize the compounding pharmacy’s optimal layout on the second floor. Every detail, from room sizes to equipment placement, including storage carts, cabinets, sinks, and PPE application areas, had been meticulously planned. Safety for building users is paramount, and our collaboration with pharmacy staff ensures a secure and efficient environment.

The design team, in tandem with users, sought to fine-tune patient care and staff areas. Extensive studies on workflow, access, and safety have been conducted to meet required adjacencies and maximize space utilization. Throughout the process, we have remained agile in addressing additional facility needs, presenting design options that align seamlessly with the evolving requirements of the Cotton O’Neil Cancer Center.

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    Topeka, Kansas

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    Stormont Vail Health

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    20,514 SF

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