Vehicle Maintenance Building 770

The original Vehicle Maintenance & Flight Line Equipment Building 770 bay layout did not meet vehicle requirements. With the building systems at the end of their useful life, maintenance service calls and routine inspections had increased. The project followed the energy master plan performed in 2008, which recommended the utilization of geothermal systems throughout newly renovated or constructed facilities. Efficiencies were realized by combining both Vehicle and Aircraft Ground Equipment Maintenance through shared spaces such as wash bays and general common spaces. This consolidation also met the wing’s master plan and the Guard Bureau’s intent to optimize/reduce square footage.


The renovation of the Vehicle Maintenance & Flight Line Equipment Building 770 includes a repair/upgrade of HVAC, lighting, plumbing and fire protection systems. New HVAC will incorporate a geothermal system throughout the administration portion of the building and use oil heaters throughout the maintenance bay spaces. Exterior improvements will include paint and upgrades to all doors, the roof, the landscape, and the building envelope. Site work will incorporate AT/FP requirements as well as work to accommodate geothermal well fields. Construction includes concrete site work, footings and floor, masonry walls, sheet rock/stud interior walls, and a sloped roof. Administrative spaces will feature open office environments to provide for maximum flexibility of space and future use. Space requirements come from ANGH 32-1084, dated I Apri1 2012.

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    Forbes Field, Topeka, KS

  • Size:

    14,934 SF

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