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Pickleball Anyone?

Each year, the HTK offices come together for an adventure—a team building experience that helps to remind us that we are all one big family, and that it is important to not only work hard….but play hard, too!

And boy did we PLAY!

On Friday, September 13th, our office family took a trip out to Chicken N’ Pickle in North Kansas City for a blazin’ good time at That 70’s HTK Pickleball Tournament.

Here at HTK, we value teamwork & great sportsmanship; a large part of Architecture and the professional world at large is the ability to work well with others, and to be a team player. On top of that, Architecture demands a certain level of creativity—therefore, each team was challenged to not only battle it out on the courts, but to look FUNKY FRESH while doing so!

As you can see, we take our fun VERY seriously

We’re diggin’ the Track Suits!

“As a whole our creative vision was rooted in early hip-hop from the late 1970’s such as the Sugarhill Gang, DJ Kool Herc & Grandmaster Flash. The more cohesive matching ensembles started really coming onto the scene towards the end of the 70’s, which is where the tiger track suits fit in. Our goal was to be the sharpest, hippest,  & funkiest duo on AND off the court.”

–Run HTK, Costume Winners

We held a round-robin style tournament with teams of two—Gold, Silver, and Bronze trophies were awarded to our top three teams. In fact, here are the grand winners now—Congratulations to Team Starsky & Hutch for bringing home the gold!

Pickleball Legends

What advice would you give to other Pickleball Champion Hopefuls?

“First of all, you’ve got to ask yourself: What would Starsky & Hutch do? Practice makes perfect was our mission. Mainly, you just have to aim to hit the ball at your opponent’s feet.”

–Tournament winners, Starsky & Hutch

Coming in hot on their heels was Designated Dinkers with the Silver, and the Whipper Snappers with Bronze!

Another groovy competition that we held was “Best Team Name.” As you can tell, we pulled out all the stops for this event—even the smallest details deserve the highest praise! Congratulations to the “Real Big Dills” for winning the category!

“When in doubt, pun it out,”—Zach Brown, Real Big Dills

We had an awesome day with our crew, and we are so thankful to Chicken N’ Pickle for hosting our event! Keep an eye out for our Social Media and Blog to see what kind of fun and creative things HTK does next.

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