6 Trends in 21st Century Design

One blueprint doesn’t fit all when designing schools and the reason for this is simple: each institution encompasses a different purpose in order to serve their students. However, within 21st century school design, architect’s do have one common goal in mind: to exceed the demands of their clients by delivering sustainable, flexible, and joyful buildings. It. . .

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Community Integration

  Here at HTK, our team of architects and designers work hard to make sure design benefits don’t just stop at exterior walls. To improve the lives of students and staff that move through our educational designs daily, we seek to incorporate community integration within each of our projects. From partnerships, to cross-generational learning, integration. . .

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The Effects of Daylighting in the Classroom

Based on a research project by HTK Intern, Christian Kaufman. A growing number of schools are making the switch from using artificial classroom lighting to using natural daylight to illuminate their spaces. This change creates significant benefits, most notably increased student productivity and significant energy savings. As studies unfold that display the positive effects of daylighting,. . .

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HTK Architects recently had the opportunity to participate in Canstruction, an annual charity event in the Kansas City Oak Park Mall facilitated by the Harvesters Community Food Network. Our HTK Architects team, along with many other Construction and Design firms from around the region, came together in 2016 to participate in this noteworthy event. The. . .

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The Search for Shelter Design Charrette

A Gathering of Like Minds   Each year for the past thirty years, there has been a gathering of like minds pursuing a worthy cause.  In the frosty winter air early on a Saturday morning, groups of designers descend upon disparate, and often times discarded and desolate locations throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area.  Many. . .

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Architectural Portfolio Features the Olathe Technology Support Center

HTK was recently featured for outstanding design in the American School and University magazine for the 2015 Architectural Portfolio edition, due to our recent design of the Olathe School District’s Information Technology Support building. Our team had a unique and exciting opportunity to design a new facility for the Olathe School District that would showcase. . .

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An Opportunity to Give Back

Every year at HTK, we have the opportunity to volunteer our time to a charity organization in order to give back to the community. In recent years, we’ve found an outstanding partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Volunteering with this renowned organization provides the opportunity to build affordable, stable homes for families in need.   Investing. . .

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HTK Office Renovation: Embracing the Old with the New

After 55 years as the first and only tenant of the office space at 2900 S.W. MacVicar, we were quickly outgrowing our Topeka office and knew it was time for a change. And not just a small change, but one that would accommodate our expanding business and clearly reflect our identity as designers. We sought to. . .

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A Paradigm Shift in the Learning Environment

Active Learning in Flexible Spaces It’s no secret that schools are shifting towards more immersive styles of teaching, utilizing active and flexible learning spaces. The traditional teaching methods are quickly evolving to integrate a variety of teaching styles beyond lectures that include group activities and peer to peer work. Research is consistently showing the learning. . .

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